Charles-Clyde & Mavis are special indeed!
They are part of a group of boxers that are born white.
They are not albino. They are white.
There is a lot of information available online about white boxers and the recessive gene that makes them white.

What makes seeing white boxers somewhat unusual is that, for a long time, the white puppies were not allowed to live.
The White Boxer Chronicles believes that whites have as much right to life as any other creature already born, and the occurence of whites is common enough that you will always be able to find one if you wish, however, The White Boxer Chronicles supports neutering your white.

Breeding two whites together will reinforce and continue the ill effects of this recessive gene. Breeding whites with others will sustain the recessive gene, even if no ill effects are visible in the immediate offspring.
It is for this reason The White Boxer Chronicles does not condone the deliberate breeding of any whites.
It is not fair to the animal a few generations down the line to have a problem it must live with for life because someone wanted to breed their white for human reasons.

Myths which spread were that the white boxers (and other white animals) always had all sorts of genetic and health problems. The important word here is "always", which is not true. Some do and some don't and the degree of these challenges, if they arise, will vary from dog to dog.

Actually, the "more white" the dog, the more susceptible they may be to sunburning and an alleged slightly higher occurance of deafness.
Charles-Clyde and Mavis have spent many days in the snow or at the seaside with us. We just make sure they always have shade available and bring them in if they start to get a little rosy. Common sense and paying attention to your dog for its needs will go a long way to making both of you happier and more comfortable.

Many whites are born without problems and stay trouble-free for the duration of their lives. In most ways these angels aren't much different than the other puppies in their litters. When problems do occur, they can occur in non-whites as well, but due to this seeming to have been less interesting to acknowledge in the past, it is difficult to find clear statistics about the white/nonwhite issue.

It has been said that, if they were bred, they might simply "spoil the color markings" that people had worked so hard to develop. The answer is not quite so simple.

There is more to the question of breeding whites (Don't. See above.) than is presented here. The links we have presented at the bottom of this page have much information to contribute and have links to other "White Sites" that deal with this controversial question. Google search also points to a lot of good (and not-so-good) links. Use compassion and common sense when reviewing this issue.

The White Boxer Chronicles believes that whites (and any other animals, for that matter) that already have life should be given a chance and a good home.
Irresponsible breeding of animals and other human behaviour regarding pets is an issue in itself and is not to be considered lightly. These are lives we are talking about, not fads or commodities.

Watch this video from
Thousands of pets are euthanized (put to sleep)
every year because the animal shelters are over-full with "unwanted" homeless animals that are perfectly healthy and adoptable.
"Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die."

Before you breed a new litter or buy a pet from a pet shop where they may have been bred in production, we strongly urge you to look into your local animal shelters and/or rescue operations.

There are places called Boxer Rescue in most big cities and some small towns.
For a state-by-state Boxer Rescue listing click here.
For another state-by-state Boxer Rescue listing with map, click here.
There are other rescue operations for all sorts of other dogs and animals, too, such as greyhounds who are found good homes instead of being "put to sleep" when they are no longer useful as racing dogs.

These white boxer angels have the same wonderful traits of character that are typical of this truly special breed! They are inately good with children and have a joyful disposition. Their capacity to give you unconditional love is unlimited, especially if treated well with kindness, consideration and fairness.
Remember, these creatures depend on us.
Be thoughtful. Be gentle. Be patient. Be fair.

Charles-Clyde (above) was rescued directly from a new litter we heard about. He is kind and gentle and very good-natured. He loves playing ball and he LOVES people!
Mavis (left) was rescued by one of the Boxer Rescue centers and came to baby-sit Charles-Clyde when he was just a few weeks old and she was only 1. She is VERY smart (she repeatedly looks down to my feet on the clutch of our truck when a traffic signal stays red too long!) and she is well-mannered and watches lovingly over Charles-Clyde.


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Check out our page about
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  • Google links about deaf white boxers, click here.

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