There are days until New Years

Have you made your new year's resolutions?

  • Are they the same as last year's?
  • Are they better than last year's?
  • Are you going to change the world?
  • Are you going to change yourself?
  • Do you need to change anything?
There are little things we all can do in our own personal way to make the world at large a better place to be... for others as well as for ourselves.

When you fly anywhere on an airplane, they give you some of the best advice and a philosophy to live by during their pre-flight safety speech:

They tell you, in case the oxygen masks are needed, to put your mask on yourself first before assisting others.

Is this selfishness or wisdon to live by?

It doesn't take a lot of thought to realize that if you don't take care of yourself first, you will not be able to help others who may need your help, if you pass out for lack of oxygen.

Do you remember the White Boxer Chronicles slogan?

Be thoughtful of others and, remember:
Be good to yourself !

Think how your wonderful white boxer(s) inspire you with their unconditional love, lack of prejudice and innocent joy. You don't need to take over the world to change it... just treat eachother more like these angels treat us.

There is a saying that when something even as small as a butterly flaps its wings, it can start a chain reaction which may cause a strong wind to blow on the other side of the world.
Be the butterly in your own personal life and generate a hurricane of love and good will to spread to those near you and eventually, perhaps, around the globe.

Out with the old,
In with the new!

A familiar old song, but why then do we keep doing the same things year after year?

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    Who will be first to enter the new year?
    Who will be next?
    Where do you fit in?
    Look here!

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