Probably the first(or, at least
one of the oldest) palindromes!

Norma is as selfless as I am, Ron.

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.

Write these sentences backwards, letter by letter, and see what they say!

- A few of the better palindromes we found -
Most of the palindromes you find today are just a bunch of words put together to form some obscure phrase which tries to excuse its nonsense by claiming to be poetic.

There are, however, good palindromes.
A "good" palindrome is one which uses real words in a natural phrase and makes sense.
This makes writing a good palindrome much more difficult than just flipping a bunch of symmetrical words around, as is too often the case.

My late father once recited a palindrome in German which was 35 words long. It was perfect, letter for letter from front to back and back to front AND it made perfect sense!
I wish I had written it down at the time as I can't remember it now.

Below are some of the palindromes we found which meet our tough criteria.
Some of them link to our palindromic coloring book pages which you can print out and color.
Some others connect to old WBC photos which illustrate some of the palindrome well.

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