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It's been a wonderful summer full of fun and adventure and there are still many warm days left ahead, but the evenings are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter... signs that the seasons are changing.

And you know what that means!


Are you ready to go
back to school?

Just in case you're not quite ready, the WBC has decided to offer you these handy-dandy labels for the notebooks of your favorite subjects!
  • Print lots!
  • Share them with your friends.
  • Pass them out in class.

Print as many labels as you like and share them with friends. However, you must keep the copyright information intact on the labels and they may not be published or sold without written permission from The White Boxer Chronicles.

Copyright © by Anton Uhl & The White Boxer Crhonicles. All rights reserved.

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Meanwhile, be thoughtful of others and, remember:
Be good to yourself !

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