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George will be 3 years old in March. I flew from California to Minnesota to pick him up when he was not quite 8 weeks old. George was a big boy the size of 2 boxer puppies when he was born. He's kept his large stature, but there couldn't be a more gentler soul in the world. I knew when I went to pick him up that he was deaf. Being deaf hasn't been a big challenge. Of course, we couldn't clicker train him, but he could be treat trained and George is very good at reading faces.

George loves everyone and does not believe there is any such person as a "stranger" everyone is his friend. You can't yell a George and tell him to stop chewing on the coffee table, you have to get up and tap him on the butt, wave your finger back and forth and give him a "no no" face. I studied ASL and thought I'd be able to train him with ASL signs. Unfortunately, George interpreted the sign for "no" to mean "bite mommy's hand harder." So, we came up with different signs.

You can't be lazy when you have a deaf dog. If you want his attention, you have to touch him to get it. It helps if you can run faster than the dog. Luckily, George was built for comfort not for speed. George is the most loving, happy dog I have ever had. I actually got him for my flashy fawn, Gracie, after my oldest son moved out. She wasn't too sure it was a good idea at the time, but now she and George are inseperable. She teases him and plays with him, and loves him a lot.

If any dog or person tries to hurt George in any way, they have to contend with Gracie. She will not put up with anyone or any animal trying to hurt George. George doesn't understand fight he only understands play and he smiles! I've never had a smiling dog before. George is not shy and retiring. Someone new comes to the house, they have to go through the sniff gauntlet. George puts his nose EVERYWHERE; but if he ever sees you again, he will know you. George is very affectionate.

He loves to kiss and snuggle and just be with you. And he loves going for rides in the car; however, don't try to get in the front seat before him, he will make you move. I can't imagine life without George. His deafness has never been a problem (except the few times he got out and ran down the street. Now, if I could only convince him to look both ways before he runs in front of a car!) If George is asleep when I get home from work, I love to just gently touch his face.

He wakes up and sees me and gets so excited. If you're gentle with him, he doesn't startle and he knows my touch and wants my hand on him when he goes to sleep at night, or he will get on the bed and lay butt to butt with me, just so long as he's touching me. George is a very happy boy and I don't think he misses hearing. Life is always peaceful for him and he never runs barking to the door when the Domino's pizza commercial comes on. Because George is calm, Gracie is calm. She doesn't always run after every sound. She knows the sound of my car, but if she's lying next to George and he's sleeping, she won't get up to disturb him.

Gracie knows there's something special about George, and she looks after him.
The two of them are a perfect pair.

- George and Robin -

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