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Mavis and Charles-Clyde just love the snow! They also love to make snowdogs. Yes. That's right. Snowdogs. And so we begin this New Year's edition with a re-issue of

Charles-Clyde & Mavis
and their now-famous

- a story in pictures -

Also featured this month:
The White Boxer Chronicles

Coloring Book Pages

A small collection of drawings for you to printout and color. Use your crayons, watercolors, markers, glitter & glue and whatever else you can find in your drawers or in the fridge to make your own true works of art!

Choose from these thumbnails to print out your full-size line drawings to save, print and then color. We will make more changes when we return to the loft in L.A. from skiing in Aspen.

In the meantime,
Be good to yourself by being thoughtful of others.
In this new year, the last of this century and the last of this millenium(!), remember, one of the greatest gifts you may be able to give is to lend an ear or give a helping hand.
This is our world, here and now.
Be part of the way you would like it to be.


slopes Snowdog

Thankyou for visiting
the White Boxer ChroniclesTM.

Come back tomorrow to see new postings about
Charles-Clyde and Mavis.
Meanwhile, be thoughtful of others and, remember:
Be good to yourself !

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