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The White Boxer Chronicles Easter Project:

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It's that time again when Charles-Clude & Mavis get out their paints and dyes and color Easter eggs.

Charles-Clyde likes to dye hard-boiled eggs. It's safer with his big paws, and he gets to eat them Easter morning!

Mavis, on the other hand, likes to blow out the insides of the eggs to make delicate painted treasures she can bring out year after year.

This year, Charles-Clyde asked Mavis if she would teach him how to hollow out an egg.

This could be tricky, but we'll give it a try!

First, you need to make sure the eggs are fresh and that they haven't been hard-boiled yet. A simple trick to figure this out is, you can spin the eggs. Cooked eggs will spin nice and evenly. Uncooked eggs will wobble all over the place.

To get the yolk and egg-white out of the egg you need to make a small hole in both ends of the egg. You can make a handy tool for this by sticking the back end of a sewing needle into a cork. Then, carefully poke a small hole about the size of a fat toothpick in the top and bottom ends of the egg.

To make the yolk come out easier you can try to stick it with the pin. Then hold the egg so the holes are both closed and shake the egg to break up or scramble the yolk inside.

Now you are ready for the hard part: Carefully hold the egg up to your mouth and blow hard (over a bowl!) and the yolk and white should come out. Take your time and take rests. Don't hurt yourself by blowing too hard.

When you think everything is out of the egg, put one end of the egg in a cup of water and suck the water into the egg. When the egg is half filled with water, hold the ends closed again and shake the egg to clean it inside. Do this a few times. (If it isn't clean inside, it may smell bad later!) Now let the egg dry. It is ready to be painted.

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