New Year

© 2000 by Anton Uhl
The WBC takes a look
at what our lives will be like
in the
present "future":

Well, the time has come! The future is finally here.
      Time to put on your silver suits and step out on your glide-boards! We're off to the moon for lunch... shall we have, say, a green-cheese sandwich?!

Then let's hop in the pod and fly to visit our good friend Astro in his lofty home high above the over-crowded dog-parks.

Vloop! In a second we're blasted up the clear vacuum-tube to tea.

Do you have on your two-way wrist-phone? We'd better conference-call ahead and let the folks know we're on our way.

Check and make sure all your circuits are clear, 'cause
here we go!

Why "K"?
Our language is made up from ancient unspoken languages like latin.
  • D is DECA which means 10. Every ten years is called a decade.
  • C is CENT which means 100. Every hundred years is called a century.
  • M stands for MILLE which means 1000. as in Millennium.
  • K stands for KILO which also means 1000. A kilometer is 1000 meters.

  • 2 K's = 2 1000's or 2000 (gosh are we smart!)

  • Mmmm-mmmm! Yum!
    There was a time when everyone thought we'd be popping pills and squeezing processed carrots out of tubes by now. Yum! Without food color and labels how would you know which was your apple pie and which was your creamed spinach? Yum! "Tang" was the food of the astronauts. By now oranges were expected to be as scarce as orange groves. (Well, this could still happen!)

    It seems, however, we learned a bit about ourselves and our need for fresh food... not to mention our love of it! Sure, we still drink electric-blue liquids loaded with electrolytes, but we also fill up on fresh fruits and salads.

    Seems we can change our technology in a decade or two, but our bodies are still organic organisms tied to a long chain of evolution. We still need fresh food, exercise, sleep, friends and family.

    Shall we take a look at what's on the tube?
    Oh. I guess we can't call it that anymore, now that it's a super-thin,
    giant flat-screen TV!
    If we're lucky, we can watch our favorite show while we play the latest video game, now that our school teacher has logged off from our at-home web-TV classroom.

    Wait! There's some email popping up on the screen.
    It's from our friend Myrna in Oakland. Maybe we should give her a call on-screen and see how the weather is up there today.

    "Hi. Myrna? It's us, Charles-Clyde and Mavis. You look great! Wanna go to Mars for summer camp with us this summer? Say HI to your folks... and, Oh!...

    ... Happy Y2K !"

    Thankyou for visiting
    the White Boxer ChroniclesTM.

    Come back tomorrow to see new postings about
    Charles-Clyde and Mavis.
    Meanwhile, be thoughtful of others and, remember:
    Be good to yourself !