The White Boxer Chronicles, January 2000
©2000 by Anton Uhl

Well, once again it's

Time to raid the stores and the fridge of every brightly colored, artificially enhanced snack and beverage you can carry!

It is a well-documented fact that time stands still for a few hours every year while the males and females of the species perform this primal rite to assure their continued domination of the planet.

  • Will you be tuned in?
  • Who would you like to see win?
  • Who do you think WILL win.
  • Do you know who's playing?

We have provided you with your very own paper dolls of Charles-Clyde and Mavis to dress up in the team outfit of your choice.

Incredible new test:

Be sure to check all the radio buttons below that apply.
This special new program senses your honesty through the internet wires.
If you falsify any response, the program will limit the number of buttons you can select at once.
  1. I love football.
  2. I understand the game perfectly.
  3. I don't understand football but I like the food.
  4. What's football?