The White Boxer Chronicles January 1999 project:
Blue Moon
©1999 by Anton Uhl

Certainly you've heard the expression...

what does it mean?

When the moon is full twice in a calendar month, as it this month, it is called a "blue moon".

When your mother tells your friend's mom how you pick up your room on your own "once in a blue moon", does she mean you do it:

  1. every day
  2. every other day
  3. now and then
  4. almost never

Hmmm... let me guess.

Well, I guess it means that you get to clean up your room two times this month!

You're also probably glad, in this case, that a "blue moon" only comes along "once in a blue moon", but listen to this:

Since a month is roughly based on the cycle of the moon, once you have a blue moon, you're bound to see another blue moon fairly soon, as you will again this year in March.
Gee, I guess you're going to have the cleanest room in town this spring! Talk about spring cleaning!

If you're interested in checking out the moon, or any other celestial bodies, visit a real observatory on-line such as the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, California.

Another great site to visit is Earth & Sky
Here you can read easy clear text about "blue moons".
These sites are full of fun & interesting facts!