The White Boxer Chronicles
Autumn Activities

©1998 by Anton Uhl

Mavis found a whole collection of leaves in the park. With the help of Charles-Clyde, she scanned a bunch of them to make some cards and pictures to give to their friends.

Charles-Clyde suggested that they leave the cover of the scanner open to make the backgrounds look dark. This helps make the bright colors really stand out!

Mavis & Charles-Clyde's scanner has a lid that lights up for scanning transparencies (slides, etc.). They discovered that if they scan their leaves "as transparencies", their arrangements show up in sillhouette. Years ago, people used to make sillhouette art by carefully cutting out black paper with small fine scissors (like cuticle scissors) to make sillhouette art. This scanner makes it much easier!

Well, school's underway and autumn is definitely here. Near the ocean in Southern California, there are just a few signs of fall, while in the Rocky Mountains, the colors are starting to explode!

Look at the October fun project: Charles-Clyde and Mavis show us how to safely carve a pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.

Charles-Clyde can't wait for Halloween when they can get all dressed up and go Trick-or-Treating in the special costumes he and Mavis are making for themselves from a few simple things they have around the house.

As the new school year progresses, the White Boxer Chronicles will make drawings available which you can print out and use as stickers on your notebooks with all your favorite (and "not-so-favorite") subjects! So, keep checking in! And, tell your friends!

Are you ready for Halloween?