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After step 3 your paper should look like this.

Here is the scan of a completed snowflake and the folded view of the cutout.
Now tape those beauties up in your window for all the world to see!
"I have an idea!" said Mavis one snowy afternoon. "We can make some snowflakes of our own and paste them up in the window. All we need is some paper, scissors and tape."

1. Fold the paper in half. 2. Fold the two ends into an equilateral (perfect) triangle. 3. Fold the triangle in half so you can see all the edges.

Now, cut out small shapes from the two folded edges.
If you want a round snowflake, cut off the top (shaded part) of the paper with a gentle curve. For a hexagonal (six-pointed) snowflake, use the area shown here.


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