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The White Boxer Chronicles

Spring is in the air !
©1998 by Anton Uhl

It's getting to be that time of year when you think, "Enough is enough. We love the winter's snow, but we're ready for a little warmth and spring sunshine!"

Well, it depends, of course, on where you live!
In Aspen, like many other places, the spring sun has given us a taste of of few warmer days, then dropped more snow to remind us that winter isn't quite over yet!

In Hollywood, the tell-tale signs of spring are starting to appear. Flowers are starting to pop up here and there, some trees are starting to blossom, and wildlife that was quiet through the winter is becoming more active.
Yes, (for those of you not familiar with L.A.), despite the size of the city, there are many oases right within the city limits absolutely filled with wildlife and open space! And thanks to people taking better care of their environment, the smog and other pollution for which L.A. was once famous has been drastically reduced. And now in March, the spring winds make the air sparkle with views from the mountains to the sea.

(This page was published in 1998)
The full moon is on March 9. We will also see the celebration of
St. Patrick's Day on March 17, and the
First Day of Spring on March 20.
With the spring winds, it's a good time to go fly a kite!

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